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Family Ty's -

A "Good Eats" Experience.



Yes, that is exactly how the vision for Family Ty’s Catering came to be. Tyree Jones, (owner and operator of Family Ty’s Catering), never thought he would have a career in the food industry. Cooking was always a passion for Ty, but never did he think that the tutelage he received from his mother Debra Jones, (whom had worked in food services over 30 years) and his grandmothers Rosa Lee Ptomy & Essie Lee Robinson would lead to a profession in the food service industry.  They showed him tricks and techniques and encouraged him to pursue his passion. 


After a successful trial run of  selling dinners one day, and even a dream he had one night showing him a successful business he had not even thought of developing yet, Ty knew he may be on the brink of a life changing endeavor. After 15 years of industrial work, Ty decided to step out on faith and trust God. He walked away from the only work he had done for almost 2 decades  to pursue his passion for cooking full time.

It Was All A Dream……

The daily operation of his food truck business far exceeded his expectations, normally running out of food by the end of the day. This unexpected success allowed Ty to not only be blessed with a second food truck in less than a year, but has also allowed him to expand his reach to catering events of all sizes. Catering events are no different , winning crowds over with the perfectly seasoned food and excellent customer service.


Ty has a vision of expanding Family Ty's Catering into a global franchise. His signature homemade Strawberry Lemonade has become a staple drink associated with his brand.  God’s blessing and guidance has led Ty to Charlotte, North Carolina, adding a second location of food services and catering alongside the original location of Pensacola, FL. This is a vision given by God, created and executed by the guidance of no one but the Man upstairs. Our mission is to provide excellent quality services while being a blessing to our community and helping others.


Ty’s story is one to remind us that dreams do come true all you have to do is have faith, be willing to work hard, and believe.

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